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California Ripe Olives - a lunchbox recipe & giveaway!

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First up, some fun facts about California Ripe Olives :)

  • California olive growers produce more than 95 percent of the ripe olives grown in the US. These growers operate multi-generational family farms from the inland valleys of California from San Diego County to far north of Sacramento County. 
  • From breakfast to dinner. January to December. And from every day to gourmet. Olives are as casual or as elegant as you like, adding color, texture and flavor to any meal. 
  • Since California Ripe Olives are fruits, they have no cholesterol.  And each large olive has only 7 calories. That’s a lot of flavor per calorie!
  • California Ripe Olives may be grown in California, but they’re available in supermarkets, club stores and local markets all over the country.

The California Olive Committee supplied me with a few cans of gorgeous California Ripe Olives and asked me to create a lunchbox-friendly recipe that included these luscious olives. 

This is what I whipped up: 


I'm not exactly sure what to call them. They are sort of a Caprese Salad- Meets Olives - Wants to be a Pizza Tart kind of snackable munchie. :)

Making them is super easy. Assemble your ingredients:

  • mini fillo shells
  • ripe tomatoes
  • seasoning (I used garlic salt and an Italian blend grinder)
  • cheese (I used a shredded Italian cheese blend, but straight park or mozzarella would be lovely too)
  • California Ripe Olives
  • extra virgin olive oil (didn't make my photo)
The first step is the hardest part. Dice the tomatoes.

Olives tomatoes

Yep, that's the hardest step! I told ya making these is super easy.  :)

Next, season the diced tomatoes to taste. I added a few shakes of garlic salt, a few twists of the Italian seasoning grinder, then a few shakes of pepper. I tasted it a couple times and added more garlic salt. Do what tastes good to you!

olives Tomatoes seasoned

Once you are done tinkering with the tomatoes, add a spoonful to each mini fillo shell, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, top with a pinch of cheese and lastly (but certainly not leastly), garnish with a couple slices of California Ripe Olives. Yum!!

These Caprese Salad - Meets Olives - Wants to be a Pizza Tart kind of snackable munchie makes a great addition to a packed lunch. :)  

California Ripe Olives are a DELICIOUS part of this yummy lunch!

Olives in a Laptop Lunches

The California Olive Committee would like to send one California Ripe Olive Starter Kit to one super lucky Another Lunch reader. Just revel in the bounty!


Contents of the California Ripe Olive starter kit:

- several cans of the yummiest California Ripe Olives
- can opener
- pizza slicer
- bamboo cutting board
- mini fruit and veggie decorative cutters
- a Laptop Lunches bento box (in an awesome black & olive green color combo!)
- a $25 Visa gift card 

That's one spectacular prize package, right? Thank you California Olive Committee! :)

*** Leave a comment on the original post (click here to go back!) telling how you most enjoy eating California Ripe Olives.  
Bonus points if you say how many times I write "California Ripe Olives" in this post. :)  
(that doesn't actually earn you an extra entry, I'm just being cheeky!)

*** One comment per person/ one entry per reader

*** The winner will be announced on Friday, August 31. So don't delay, comment today!

I urge you to "Like" California Ripe Olives on Facebook where from today through September 14, they will be hosting a sweepstakes on their Page and one lucky fan will get a chance to win a similar starter kit shown here! That's another chance to win this awesome Starter Kit!!

For more information about California Ripe Olives, including hundreds of recipes, visit

Disclosure: The California Olive Committee sent me a California Ripe Olives Starter Kit, as described and shown. No other payment or compensation was received. All commentary purporting that California Ripe Olives are delicious and tastey additions to a lunchbox are my own personal opinions and not coerced. I just really like olives and I think you will to. 
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